Les 8 in Al Barari, Dubai.

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Al Barari Development Company

With a rich heritage in Dubai history, Al Barari is the flagship development of the Zaal family. Led by esteemed Emirati businessman, Mr Zaal Mohammed Zaal, Al Barari is the realization of a unified vision to create a unique, inspiring and sustainable residential and cultural community in the heart of Dubai. With the support of international investors and consultants, Al Barari is securely established on many years of property experience and sound, careful management.

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Les 8 FAQs.

About Al Barari.

Al Barari is a development which features among the most luxurious villas and apartments in Dubai. There are a total of 189 ready villas, 28 villas in a customized enclave called The Reserve and 55 under-construction villas in The Nest. There are two luxury apartment projects under-construction in Al Barari called Ashjar and 7th Heaven. This section reports on Al Barari, the master-community, and ready villas. Click the Projects section to learn more about the other enclaves within Barari.

Al Barari as a community consists of luxury 4 and 6 bedroom villas and The Reserve (which allows for custom built homes). Within Al Barari there are several under-construction projects such as Ashjar, 7th Heaven and The Nest.

Communities in Al Barari and status

  1. The Residences: the initial first phase of the project which consists of 5 & 6 bedroom mansions. Total of 189 ready units.
  2. The Reserve: large villas delivered shell & core which allowed end-users to customize their villa finish. These area is under construction.
  3. The Nest: luxury 4 bedroom villa enclave currently under-construction and expected to be delivered in Q2-2017.
  4. 7th Heaven: luxury mid-rise apartment development expected to be delivered in Q4-2017.
  5. Ashjar: luxury low-rise apartment development expected to be delivered in Q4-2017.

General Guide

Al Barari is a luxury development located along Mohammad bin Zayed Road. In general, Al Barari refers to the 189 ready villas that were completed in 2009 and are considered among the most luxurious villas in Dubai. However, since 2012, the development has seen an expansion in its product offering. In addition to the 189 villas, the developer has announced projects called The Reserve, The Nest, Ashjar and 7th Heaven.

Villas in Al Barari

There are a total of 189 villas with four styles comprising 5 & 6 bedrooms. The villas have large built up areas between 12 – 17,000 sq. ft. These sort of built up areas can mainly be found in Emirates Hills where Emaar sold plots that allowed home-owners to customize their homes. With their massive doors and windows, amazing internal architecture, large basements and high ceilings – Al Barari homes are without doubt one of the most spacious & luxurious in the city.

Another distinctive feature of Al Barari is its greenery. Al Barari actually translates to ‘wilderness’ in Arabic. According to the developer they have introduced about 500 species of plants that have never been grown in Dubai. Years were spent nurturing plant-life in greenhouses in Al Barari which is now translating into the lush landscape.

There is no doubt that Al Barari have delivered an exceptional product. However, there are drawbacks to the community which have so far diminished it from achieving its full potential. The first challenge the community faces is accessibility. It is on the other side of Mohammad Bin Zayed Road opposite City of Arabia - and as there is no interchange nearby – residents have to drive longer distances to get back into main Dubai or reach back to the community.

The second drawback is the high maintenance fees – probably the highest for any villa development in Dubai. According to the developer, the high maintenance fees is due to the abundant greenery as 60% of the development is made of plants, trees, and waterways.

The third drawback is what many home-owners and prospective buyers have pointed out is the generally smaller plot sizes. Whilst the plot sizes of 12 – 16,000 are large within themselves, proportionally to the size of the villa the plot sizes are considered smaller.

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